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  • Zacharyz06

    High Quality Chips??

    July 14, 2016 by Zacharyz06

    I'm pretty late, but the infamous SiIvaGunner/GiIvaSunner ripped Chip's Challenge's CHIP02 a while ago.


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  • Canbear

    Newspaper puzzle

    May 24, 2014 by Canbear

    The simplicity of CC lends itself to be a feature of newpapers. The adjustment newpapers are making from print to online media makes CC ideal for Sunday puzzle supplements in online versions. The problem is the copyright to the name. Chuck Sommerville was handcuffed for years (and still is) by the current rights owner. The current rights owner is something I have tried to look up, but there is no name I could find even on Chuck Sommerville's site. My first guess would be Microsoft, but I tend to rule them out because although they licensed CC1 for the Windows entertainment pack back in the 1990s (which is still of course the current and most popular format), they would have advanced Chip far beyond the form that remains today. So my guess …

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  • Canbear

    Finished CCLP1

    May 23, 2014 by Canbear

    Just finished CCLP1 a couple of days ago. For the most part I liked it. A good beginners set and I have to especially make special mention to Andrew Menzies on his imaginative puzzles. I get the fact the puzzles are meant to be a first step for the novice of chips challenge, but in far too many cases the puzzles are a bit too easy. Chips Wikia has rated the difficulty well. One thing I was particularly impressed with was the emphasis on solving problems in the set, rather than ignominious dodging themed levels. Dodging is there, but done in such a way so as not to detract from flow of the game. All too often in the CCLP2&3 sets dodging becomes tiresome.

    My favorite puzzle was level 124 Utter Clutter. Not quite a brain buster deluxe, but the…

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  • Everysubjectman

    Removing Red Links

    August 15, 2013 by Everysubjectman

    Dear community, I would like your opinions on the removal of red links: should I or other users remove red links or not? A user has expressed concern on the subject. No one else has expressed concern and I would like to know what the general opinion on the subject is. Thank you.

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  • Everysubjectman

    Dear community, Please do not use exclamation marks "!" in articles, unless its in a level hint or in a level title or such. I'm sorry to be harsh, but it annoys me and I think its improper.

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  • Everysubjectman

    Dear community,

    Please do not use smiley faces and other such things in articles. In text, e-mails, and mabey even your user page there fine, but not in "regular articles". Im sorry I sound so mean but it just annoys me and i think its improper. -Everysubjectman Read more >

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