Block and Key is the 87th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by John Lewis.

387 route: Move 2D 5R U 4L U L 3D R D L 3U 5R U 2R D 6L U L 3D 2U 3R U R 2U L 2D R D 3L D L 4U 3D 6R 2U L D R D 5L D L 2U D 3R 3U R 2D R D 3L 5R D 6L then press the red button, which will clone a block onto a green button. Move the rightmost block 4U, then push the nearest block down and left to 1 square above the water. Move the block above this L D. Collect the flippers, open the top 4 doors, move the rightmost block along and into the water, then push the topmost remaining block down and left to immediately before the force floor. Move the next block 2U, then the block nearest the force floor U (and step on it), then the other block R. Move the lowest movable block 4U, and the right block 4U 6R. Move the other block R 4U. Clone a fireball, then move this block 5R, so that it is adjacent to the other block, move the latter block D, then move the former block R and the latter 3R (do not step on it). Open the remaining 2 doors – the fireball should explode the bomb, allowing the exit to be reached.

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