Annoying Wall is the tenth level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Wes Powers.

Pick up the skates, then go and push block 2 left [1]. Afterwards, push block 1 to [5,2], and then on your way back down, push block 2 down to [9,9] (Adjacent to block 4). Then, move over to block 4, pushing it [1] down, and from there, move block 2 left [1], and return to block 4. Move it over to [5,12], and push it up onto the ice. Move right [1] and continue up, hitting the block against the wall, thus ramming the block. Go below it and push it up again, and move it into the first bomb. Return to block 2 and push it next to block 5, then take block 5, and push it to [5,12]. Now take block 2 over to [6,12], and get below block 5. Push it up, and then get to the right of block 2. Push it left [1], then go below it. Push it up so there are 2 blocks sliding, then ram it. Push the block still sliding into a bomb, and finally, repeat what was done with block 4 for the last block, and exit the level.


CCLP3 level 10 solution - 78 seconds00:26

CCLP3 level 10 solution - 78 seconds

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