All Full is the 128th level in Chip's Challenge 1. This level is indeed all full, of a lot of chips, boots, monsters, and other obstacles.

Play around the water and touch the red button three times while taking the flippers to jam the pink ball clone machine, then swim to the yellow key and use it to pass the thief. Pick up all the chips across the force floors, then collect the three items from near the bug clone machine. Although the fireballs in the west room are attempting to clone from here, the boss of the bug clone machine is the most recent fireball cloned from [1, 30], which never points north at the same time as when a bug is attempting to clone.

This allows the player to skirt across the intended solution, which is to use the red button at [9, 21] to clone additional fireballs until the circle is completely jammed, such that no bugs (or fireballs from [1, 30]) can clone. (In the Lynx version however, the red button next to the bug-clone machine actually works, so there is no workaround to the intended solution.) The level name All Full was likely derived from this solution, possibly also along with the jamming of the pink ball clone machine at the beginning.

Walk east across the force floors to two more chips, five below a pink ball, then three above that, five in the middle of the fire, and then play to the very bottom, where one yellow key awaits. Collect this chip, then three more and another key, and shove the loose block north to access some flippers. Walk 2D 2L 2D, left to swim over to another key, and then collect the nearest chip in the fireball circle only. The other three are three of the four chips that take the longest amount of time to reach; the fourth is located above the second pink ball clone machine. Now, open the three yellow locks past the bug cloner and collect the remaining 152 chips as directed by the walkthrough.


  • All Full is the first CC1 level in alphabetical order.


Chip's Challenge 1 level 128 solution - 315 seconds01:26

Chip's Challenge 1 level 128 solution - 315 seconds

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