A Sample of Things to Come is the 19th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. While the name is not apropos to CCLP2, it was the first level in the set it came from by Dave Borgman, and indeed provided a "sample of things to come" in that set. Play this route in even step.

Step DR 2U 7R [1] 2D as the bomb explodes, then collect the first seven red keys to the left, and walk around the teeth over the gravel. Remove everything except the final chip, as the last teeth will block the entrance if he is not destroyed on the last bomb first; wait [3] and then continue. At this point, Chip has six possible destinations; the one he needs to go to first is the one with the random force floor. Chip can lose as many as [3] coming in and [1] coming out, or [4] coming in with none coming out.

Pick up the four keys, then come out and open the eastern blue lock, green, red, and then western blue lock, in that order, to collect all the chips. Now, Chip must move to the pink balls in the lower right to open the socket. Move 3R across the top, then move to the sockets, hit both buttons, wait [1] and then hit the red button a second time on the way out. Pass three pink balls on the first run, then escape back to the start and pass the traps and another set of balls to reach the exit.


CCLP2 level 19 solution - 301 seconds01:41

CCLP2 level 19 solution - 301 seconds

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